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Ethiopian Geta Bore Cooperative

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Geta Bore is such a delicious, brewed coffee that offers fragrant sweetness, and syrupy stone fruit accent notes. That stone fruit essence is something we note in a lot of the Western

cooperative coffees we buy, an aspect that seems to be unique, if not common to certain Oromia regions. The fragrance and aroma are marked by notes of toasted brown sugars laced with cinnamon, and cocoa-dusted dried fruits. The wet aroma has lovely sweetness of honey and baked peach, fragrant, and sweet. The cup is complex, and sweet at its core, with top notes that intensify as the coffee cools.

Region - Bore Woreda, Illubabor

Processing – Washed

Drying Method - Sun-dried on raised beds

Certification - Certified Organic

Cuppers Correction 1 - Score 90.6

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