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Freddies Signature Roast

Freddie’s Signature Roast

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Carolina Coffee Roasters offers the freshest roasted coffee primarily from Costa Rica, but we also have offerings from around the world.  We roast Strictly Hard Beans (SHB) in-house, ensuring that your order is fresh and masterly crafted for perfection. Shop Costa Rica coffee online today!

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Life’s Too Short for Bad Coffee!

We believe coffee can change lives! Our coffee is prepared fresh to order to ensure every note makes its mark on your palette and sense. Carolina Coffee Roasters is more than just a cup of coffee; it’s a tangible experience crafted by skilled hands and experienced farmers on a Costa Rican farm as well as other parts of the world. We proudly offer cloud forest coffee from the Monteverde region of Costa Rica, where every bean can be traced back to a single farm and producer. Our in-house roaster expertly blends these beans, resulting in a heavenly brew.

From farming to processing to quality control, every step is a careful, sustainable, and a responsible process that allows everyone involved to make their contribution. Yes! We LOVE reintroducing you to a brand new single-origin coffee experience while contributing to our community. A portion of our proceeds from the sale of each bag of coffee is donated to charity. Join us in HELPING THOSE IN NEED! Let’s enjoy coffee that contributes to a greater cause.

Cheers to great coffee! Unforgettable taste! Better lives! Carolina Coffee Roasters—Making coffee that creates magic on your tastebuds and brings joy to countless underprivileged lives.
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Discover the Exceptional Taste of Costa Rica Coffee with Carolina Coffee Roasters 

At Carolina Coffee Roasters, we work directly with a Costa Rican farm to provide customers with sustainably sourced coffee products of the highest quality. Our single-origin coffee is carefully processed before being roasted in small batches.

Along with strict quality control, Costa Rican coffee offers several distinct benefits over coffee beans from other regions:

  • Ideal growing conditions
  • Sustainable practices
  • Single-origin coffees
  • Clean, bright flavor profile

The Monteverde region of Costa Rica is ideal for coffee cultivation, with its high altitude and rich soil. Farmers also practice environmentally friendly farming methods, helping preserve biodiversity in the area.

Due to the climate, sustainable farming practices, and wet processing methods, Costa Rican coffee has a great flavor profile with a clean, crisp taste. It’s known for having a well-balanced flavor with notes of citrus and a creamy body.

You can also depend on our Costa Rican coffee products for consistency. All our coffee comes from a reliable source that ensures only the highest-quality beans are exported.

Experience the exceptional quality of Costa Rican coffee. Browse our selection of unique coffees.

Freddie's Signature Roast

A Heavenly Blend That Celebrates the Best of Arabica Varietal!

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Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Sourced from Costa Rica

Sourced from Costa Rica

Artisanal Roasted

Artisanal Roasted

Honey Processed

Honey Processed

Carolina Coffee Roasters

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Rich & Creamy Full-Bodied Coffee Roasted to Perfection.

Telling a story of flavor, craft, and meticulous attention in every cup. Here’s more about our coffee:

Region originated: Guanacaste Province (Central Highlands), Costa Rica 

Varietal: Arabica

Farm: Finca Lluvia de Gloria (Rain of Glory)

Process: Honey Processed

Altitude: 1,300 MASL (4265 feet above sea level)

Cupping Notes: Mango, Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg 

Bag Size: 8oz and 12oz

Direct Trade: Established relationship with the farmer

Carolina Coffee Roasters

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Explore some of the advantages of buying our handcrafted coffee online:

  • Great Costa Rica coffee price
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Sustainably sourced coffee
  • Unique, rich-bodied flavors
  • Special Discounts with monthly subscriptions.

We stand apart from other Costa Rica coffee roasters companies thanks to our use of single-origin coffee and our artisanal approach. Our coffee is freshly roasted to ensure the best aroma and taste. You can expect unique flavor profiles that are not available elsewhere.

Browse our shop for the best Costa Rica coffee for sale online, along with our other selections. All options are made in small batches, giving us greater control over the blend. Start your day with a rich, full-bodied coffee. Buy Costa Rica coffee from our coffee roaster company today!

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Experience every cup of  Costa Rica coffee while supporting our local community. Discover more about our coffee stories.

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